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Galaxy S10 5G (UK EE) - Bluetooth problem with BMW.

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Hi all,

I received my shiny new S10 5G last Friday and am using it with EE. I also ordered the 

Samsung Original Protective Standing Cover Case for S10 5G (Black) from Amazon and it's worth every penny. Overall, I am loving the new phone as my previous one was S9 Plus which I had bought exactly an year ago. There is nothing, so far, that I am not enjoying about the phone apart from a small niggle with bluetooth. I have a BMW (2017) 330e and S10 5G refuses to pick up the car bluetooth. The phone pairs with other equipment (bluetooth speakers, laptops, earphones, smart phones) but refuses to even see the BMW bluetooth signal. I ave tried everything suggested so far on the internet - turn off and on bluetooth in sequence, clearing data and cache on the phone, airplane mode but nothing works.


Does anyone else have this issue? Any help to get this sorted would be appreciated.


Superuser I
Superuser I

It might be worth having a word with your car dealership and or a forum that fellow drivers of BMW cars drive as they may have a solution and or having the same issues.



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