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Galaxy Buds not arrived even after the deadline


So when my claim was approved i got an  email that it will take up to 30 days for them to be dispatched and i will receive an email when that are. After that month i received an email that  it will be dispatched in next 10 working days at the very latest. Deadline came and still no buds or any kind of emails of whats happening with them. Does anyone have the same issue ?2019-05-30_08-47-37.pngmspaint_2019-05-30_08-44-19.png

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Superuser I

Yes there's been a few people who haven't recieved the promotional white Samsung Galaxy Buds @InfinityGodas 


From what I remember theres is a support email address that has been provided on this forum which you should find via a forum search or a Google Search to ask for further information.


I hope you get the Buds soon.


I purchased the black version and there awesome. 




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Been waiting since 23rd of March. Copy and Pasted repsonses from customer support.



I was 'validated' on the 19th of March and still not received mine. Exactly the same response from them as you got. I didn't mind waiting for them to arrive but its getting pretty ridiculous now, there will be new and better ones out by the time I get them, if I get them.

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