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Galaxy Buds Promotion Claim: FAQ's


Day 87 in the big brother house and still NO buds received.  Fuming is an understatement. Usual generic email sent to complaint. 

That should read "usual generic email received from them"

Got them! After 2 days after I call them. You really have to phone them to get it unfortunately. 

Gabriel94 what number did you call? I only have email contact. Thanks

Dear Mr. @Samsung, Ok, I bought the S10 but you NEVER gave me the promised Galaxy Buds !!
Who should I claim to fulfill the promises of your sales campaign?
I await a solution to finally receive MY Galaxy Buds as YOU promised




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All good answers but it does not answer the query of getting opened buds, returning them and waiting 2 months and sending numerous emails and still no replacements.  They now send emails that you can't reply to.Shame on you galaxy

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I ended up contacting American express who gave me a refund within 24 hours. Worth trying that route if you purchased using a credit card. 


3 months and no product despite multiple emails and calls is simply unacceptable for any company, let alone one the size of Samsung. 

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Hi guys i just git the new galaxy buds and i realized in the L R in the case there is a white square in the back of the letter and all the videos are showing that the galaxy buds dont have those they have the letters only. WHY?

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Well I'm now over 3 months from getting my claim validated.

They apparently didn't send them until 2 months, on the 10th May, but they say they can't track them as it used 2 couriers, but they refused to tell me times scales or tell me what they would do about them being lost, just said they were investigating.

This is the worst customer service I've ever experienced!


I've gotten simular information. Left their warehouse on the 10th of may but went via another delivery company (not DX) so they dont have any tracking info. They've escalated it to the senior team who will resolve it. They would keep me up to date. That was over a week ago. Nothing! I've been hearing the same story for over 5 weeks now. How long does a senior team need? But there's nothing we can do about it. Just hope and pray. I guess we could try and find a lawyer who could sue them for compensation.