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Galaxy Buds Promotion Claim: FAQ's


They stated it would be within 30 days. They still have nearly 2 weeks left to fullfill sending them out. 


Considering the likes of apple never give anything away for free with a high end phone I am chuffed Samsung are and am happy to wait 


Hopefully we will see some movement this week. 


Best in mind the process is quick once you have gone to processed 

I went thru processed after a few days. Been at fulfilment for weeks. I don't understand why it takes weeks to pop them in the post?

I processed mine day after I got the phone and was validated 13th. 


Think the issue is Samsung has given free stuff before and they haven't been given it back when a customer has returned an item so they are making sure the headphones are sent out as close to the 30 day returns policy as possible. 


Also think the didn't expect the phone to do as well as it did from a pre order perspective. 

I read the pre order numbers were insanely high. 


I'm sure some time this week the bulk of us will have our validation updated to processed and then buds within days 


I will be a little piddled off if they send me black ones when my phone is white and theres a guy on here been told he is getting black ones.


Oh and im still waiting to be processed from VALIDATED

I must admit that I thought the same after mine was set to processed and then ready for fulfilment within a week or so. But nothing since then people received theirs weeks ago, well within the 30 days. I suspect that Samsung will be admitting shortly that they will not be able to send the buds out within 30 days. I think that people buying the buds will get them first, we will be at the back of the queue.

It says in your claim validated email what you get

Apprezzo il vostro sito e la procedura e' imbarazzante....lavorate sul sito. Risparmierete un sacco di postvenditA. Come puo un colosso come samsung avere un sito cosi macchinoso?????

Mine went to processed this morning. Validated on 13th at midday
Mines Still VALIDATED and that was on the 14th so does that mean I might get PROCESSED tomorrow?

Jesus does this sound like a Dr Who episode where everyones been given Earbuds? They are all being controlled by the Cybermen andwere all being PROCESSED?

Just a thought guys? How else could you control a nation? I mean....................... Science Fact?
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