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Galaxy Buds Promotion Claim: FAQ's


Oh great I can imagine I will get that problem too as I have had every other issue attempting to receive my 'free' earphones, if they get as far as actually sending them that is. I have never experienced anything like this in my life and when it's a company as big as Samsung you wouldn't expect to get such bad service. Although I guess they are so big that they don't care about a few disgruntled customers because they have plenty more. At the start I didn't really care because I wanted the phone and the earphones were just a bonus but then the rigmorol of applying for them and the service and procedure since has made me want them more as a matter of principle than anything else, I probably won't even like or use them now because of all the hassle it took to get them, that is of course if I ever do get them. 

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Hang on in there. I despaired of ever getting them too but they eventually arrived after a lot of hassle.

Yeah I will just keep on emailing them until I get some. Are they worth the effort it took to get them? Just imagine if they arrived and were faulty Haha


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I only received mine Friday after getting validated on the 14th of March, 122 days after getting validated, the buds were only manufactured on 16th of June according to the box label, the whole set up was a joke.


Mine arrive but the seal was broken.  I asked them to send me new ones with the seal intact and I would hand over the other ones to the courier they said no.  I have to send these back first... not a hope.  I haven't even taken them out of the box.  Will be phoning tomorrow. 

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I am still waiting for my replacement ones after sending my last ones back in April. Good luck getting them... 


Oh no they wont do that it has to be as awkward as possible for you and take a ridiculously long time that's their mission statement.

I find them hard to use the left one keeps beeping in my ear and I cant pause or skip track or anything despite reading up on how to use them but I can't be bothered with them anymore after all the hassle so I'll just leave them in my cupboard forever. But at least I received them in the end!

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In the end I bought some off amazon for £32. Work brilliantly. Fit comfortably.
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