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Galaxy Buds Promotion Claim: FAQ's


@Danielgreen wrote:

But thay shod have mad the same amount that thay had pre ordered before the phones got released 

Oh I think they have plenty buds manufactured. It’s not only the 🇬🇧 UK that get the offer.

And a third party are in charge of distribution, not directly from Samsung.

Well thay should be on to the third party and telling them to get them out quicker or thay should change the company thay are using because thay are upsetting Thayer customers by nt getting them to us by the time thay are giving
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HEY guys, just wanted to let you know that this might work a bit different sometimes.

On day 31 for me, I got my buds delivered by DHL ( DUBLIN IRELAND),
No change on tracker page, my status still says just Validated, and no emails from Samsung about my buds being shipped or tracking from DHL. It just showed up at my door.

Therefore you might get them even tomorrow morning, you never know

what day were you validated?


26 march


I meant leeDobra. No idea how to quote a post on this thing


Got an email from them today saying due to the offer being so popular theres been a delay. I should get mine in the next 10 working days  Not holding me breath 

Thay are jest taking the ***** nw
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validated on 11 th manually by one of them from customer service, as I was emailing them about some documents. But got the confirmation email on 15th

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