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Galaxy Buds Promotion Claim: FAQ's

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I live in Spain so EE had nothing to do with it. I uploaded my pre-order confirmation from Orange and my factura (final invoice). Both documents fullfil the terms and conditions but now they say I don't even have a claim on the system, it's a joke.


Mine hasn't been processed and I'm the 13th at midday. 


I reckon they will get to us next week as I have seen loads of people who were validated around 9th 10th just getting there confirmation today and yesterday.


Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email.

It takes up to 30 days because the claim has to be double checked including the claimant details to make sure the earbuds go to the right address and the right person, as they will need to be signed for at delivery.

It is also due to the fact that the promotion was very popular this check needs to be done to every claim therefore the 30 day time frame gives us and the fulfillment team enough time for that to be done properly and to arrange the deliveries.

Due to the fact that after the claim is validated form our side it goes the to our fulfillment team and then sent to the courier we can not give an exact delivery date as we do no know that either.

Once the earbuds are dispatched an email with the tracking information will be received which will give a more accurate date.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards,

Paula @ Samsung Promotional Support Team

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Seems that there is no real strategy for fulfilling the gift orders. I submitted my claim on the 8th and it was validated on the 11th and mine is still sat at validated. 


so because you announced to them you have a family member working at a store who gave you discount they invalidated your claim.


Lesson to be learnt here,  keep your gob shut as to how you got it.  its non of their business but now they know you ight as well go to their website and buy a pair.  you would probably get them quicker than us lot waiting.

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@abss9uk when the claim status changes to "processed" I'm assuming the next step is for the buds to get shipped, also I have just recently received my conformation email from the carrier DX. 


Hi @Israr_07 , yes so I literally got an email from DX now which states my buds will be delivered to me tomorrow, so be on the lookout for yours too! After processing on the claim tracker it’s delivery you are correct. DX tracking site shows my delivery as tomorrow (Thursday) and my claim was validated on the 9th March if anyone wanted to know that...

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I ordered my phone through Samsung online shop, so it's obvious I bought it so would of though that they would of shipped them with the phone. Wouldn't that of been easier?

what people dont realise is the buds were only released last week so they would not have sent them with the phone on the release date,  would have cost them a lot less monday though if they did,  1 courier charge not 2.


Anyway, I really hope they get a shift on and move me to processed soon.  im using a cheap pair i bought off Amazon, they are ok but very limited control. The new Samsung Buds have greater control and i cant wait to hear peoples reactions to them.


Finally! My galaxy buds have arrived my claim was validated on the 9th March for context, I just got them handed to me via DX courier in the UK. Well Worth the wait much better than my current Samsung IconX 2018's that I have, although volume control on the new Galaxy Buds qre quote weird you no longer can swipe up and down on each bud to increase or decrease volume...

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