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Galaxy Buds Promotion Claim: FAQ's


Not sure how much faith I'd put into that date of fulfilment. Mine states "Sent for fulfilment 08/03/19 12:50:25" and I've not had anything yet. Don't mind the wait really, just be nice to get a bit more of a steer than 'within 30 days'

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Still not heard anything regarding delivery here ether im guessing its going to be at the back end of them 30 days ive read on some us forums that people have been given 5+ weeks as a delivery date so as previous poster stated it could be even longer than 30 days


Hi All


I have had a text message saying my claim is on hold as my evidence was not accepted, and that I should refer to my email for further instrcutions, however I havent had an email with any further instructions, and it has now been 3 days. Does anyone know how I can resubmit my evidence at all?




They said mine was on hold due to no logo on the proof of purchase... it's their email they sent me lol it says Samsung on it... just not the Samsung logo, so I replied with a blunt email and two days later got a message saying it had been approved! 


Nightmare process but at the same time appreciate them reassessing without me having to go to the effort of scanning in and doing another proof of purchase 

Followed your advice, sent a rather blunt email, and have now been told that its approved! Like you said, I understand the process, think it just takes a human eye to go over it again!!
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Hi folks,


I am completely lost (and very angry), so I decided to search for help in the communities. 


I've ordered my Galaxy S10 at 7th of March. It was delivered on week later but that's ok, I understand all this preorder thing being a bit crazy. Even though my clear case included into purchase was lost (and eventually delivered three weeks later after several conversations with support) - it's ok. Still works.


Where I am completely stuck is galaxy free buds promo:

  1. Preorder was completed according to the terms at the shop (I currently live in Prague)
  2. Once I've got the device - I went to the bonus website to complete the promo registration
  3. Auto registration keep saying that I cannot get it (promo is over)...
  4. Ok, I've reached bonus website support as soon as I realized that something is not working with the way this promo was set
  5. They keep bouncing me from two weeks in a row, with the response that I cannot get my free promo buds
  6. At this point I am really angry, frustrated and lost


Samsung team, I have a few questions:


  1. Why you cannot keep it simple for your customers? I've made pre-order (I trusted you and paid you in advance), you promised my gift, why I have to struggle getting it?
  2. Is bonus site support is so overloaded that email response takes 4 days or above? Funny fact I keep writing them in English, but they always respond in Czech (I do respect the bond to the national language, but overall it does not look like very customer-oriented way of making the conversation easier for the customer)
  3. This one is funny: In bonus website phone number code check is performed, which is fine. Not fine is that default language in the right top corner is set to Slovak (while I am in Czech) and the language affects this ‘phone code preregistration check’ (basically I spent several days trying to understand what’s wrong with my phone number). So why Slovak was the default?


Fellow community members, if you have any idea what to do next, please share an advice. It feels like I never got these buds…


The offer was just for the white ones I think.

I was informed last week that the release date for the Earbuds was actually last week. I could order yellow or black off their website but not white (SUPPRISE SUPPRISE)

Im assuming they will start shipping the earbuds soon. I have a pair of cheap earbuds that are pretty good from another supplier name, would just be nice to have this Galaxy set as they branded with the phone nad were promised in all pre-orders.

I'll give them a couple of weeks and see if they come. Im not holding my breath though.
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I entered the promotion and received an email advising they would check my documents and let me know.  It's now been seven days and I haven't heard anything (I have checked my spam folder folder).  How long should I wait to hear....or is there an email address I can email to ask them to confirm my status?




Mine got validated on the 13th and thats what it said on the claim tracker, just had a look again and now it says processed and if i haven't recieved them yet they will be with me shortly. No email since validation so hopefully means they have been shipped


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