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From S7 Edge to S10


This topic is to help people who will consider to do the same as me and as the title says.


I had to buy a new phone cause my old (S7 Edge) got a broken screen and as we all know there is no way the replacement cost is better. The cost is way too much when this happens so for me the solution is to sell it with broken screen and just buy another one. 


I never thought of buying S8 cause the upgrade would not be that much so I didn't bother at all. There was also no way of buying the S9 cause I really don't like the fingerprint at the back of the phone since many times I unlock it while sitting on the desk. Then S10 came out and I somehow got excited.


By seeing the new features and mostly the looks of it , it got me into thinking. So I started watching reviewers and videos. I saw that most of them were praising this phone and not saying basic problems is still has. So anyways I bought it cause I thought that most of them would just get used to them.


So here goes a personal list of important things that you lose in this particular upgrade.


LED notifications

Yes you lose them. Since there is no LED anywhere on the phone do not wait for one to just pop up anywhere. BUT there are alternatives to think about. Always on Display or even third party apps like AOE (that I use) that do a decent job INSTEAD of a LED. Samsung could just put a LED on the sides. or even make the power button to light up. THERE ARE many solutions for someone to think. But there is no point of losing it while many people rely on it. I use it since S3 and I could see from 6 meters away that I had a notification.


Battery Life

To me I think the battery is worse. I have the Exynos version. The battery gets eaten faster than S7. Though I think that in time, Adaptive Power is really working.



This to me is a BIG THING. Most Would think that it is way better. NOPE. Here are some points to consider.

Basically you still have a 12 megapixel camera , BUT the colors of the photos are way better on S7. As a camera it is a little bit crispier than the old one but colors are also important. So S7 I believe took more beautiful pics.


Then you have the big deal going on with the Selfie Camera that affects most of the 3rd party apps that use the camera (messenger, snapchat, instagram etc). It is way too ZOOMED IN. Samsung offered an option on a software update but WHO WANTS an option of taking a groupie selfie ? There should be BY DEFAULT the 2 person option in camera enabled. If someone wants to get the face only taken when you can just go closer to the phone... dahhhhhh. So simple. Nevertheless even with this option S7 has better selfie mode that can fit a group of 5 people in it. With S10 just FORGET IT.


One Tap to Answer to calls and close Notifications

This is an option that many people use. Many want to tap instead of swipe and there was an option for that. But now Samsung decided to give that option by putting it in an extra menu button that you cannot hide that easy. It is way too tricky to just hide that menu button . Why on earth couldn't that just be so easy ?


Fingerprint Ultra Scanner

The S7s scanner was working better and faster. Also you had no problem of putting a tempered glass. On S10 a tempered glass will just make the scanner not working or working too hard.



Rethink about it if you are to make that move. Personally I find myself many times thinking that I have made a downgrade instead of an upgrade. In total it is a faster phone but not for the ordinary use of social media, photos etc. You might want it though if you play games and stuff that have requirements.


I woulf like to see if others having the same thoughts.


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