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Firmware flash change from one region to another in UK


I had to buy my S10+ (G975F/DS) off Amazon as Samsung refuses to sell the dual sim in the states.

I'll be going back to the UK this month, was wondering if the Samsung stores in the UK will flash the open unlocked UK firmware on my device and get rid of the region that is on there now. If so, does anyone know what the cost should be?


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Hi this would not be possible, currently Samsung Expereinece stores or Support centres are unable to repair or carry out work on any device which is from a different region outside of the EU.


I contacted support and spoke with someone that wasn't very knowledgeable about much, with an extremely poor grasp of the English language in the UK/Ireland support center.

They actually will do repairs, however she stated it may void the warranty. This entire thing of they can't do repairs is ridiculous as what if I needed my screen replaced? It's the same phone, same glass, same everything. So if someone is in London, Dublin, New York City where there are Samsung repair stores and they drop their phone and it needs the glass replaced they won't repair it because they're not in their home country.... That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever in any sense. In particular since you will be paying out of pocket for it. To say nothing of the fact they tout right on their own website, they will do repairs out of warranty for any device.

She tried at first to tell me, they couldn't do it because they wouldn't have access to the phone, which is wrong. Then she said it was region/carrier locked, which it is not. Then it was that it would void the warranty. You mean the warranty Samsung isn't honoring anyway because i bought it from an another region? That warranty? Most companies stand behind their products no matter where in the world you buy them, clearly Samsung isn't one of them.

I'm not asking for anything be done for free, but I'm willing to pay for it. It's my device that I bought outright not asking for it to be covered under any warranty. I could load the firmware myself using Odin, but I prefer to have a professional do it, over doing it myself.

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