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Failure to exit ultra power saving mode

New Member

When I recently turned on ultra power saving (UPS) mode, my s10 suddenly rebooted. When the reboot was completed, the appeared to be out of the ultra saving mode but the software restrictions of the UPS mode. Meaning most apps are disabled, camera is disabled and the bare minimum of features are available. 


I've performed a settings reset with no success and there's no option for re enabling apps. I cannot access the power mode options from the notification panel. I also have no access to device care in settings. 


Is there anything I can do without having to go through a factory default reset? PLEASE HELP

TessM Moderator

Hi @MrStumbo ,


that is not looking right to me. Have you tried to run the phone in Safe mode to see if you can access to this? 

Please follow these steps to put your device into Safe mode: Turn off your device > Power on your device normally > As soon as you see the Samsung logo, hold the volume down key > Keep hold of the volume down key until you’re onto the home screen > Safe mode will be indicated in the bottom left corner in a small black bar.