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Factory fitted screen protector S10 plus

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Hi all, I've searched online and in this thread, but no definitive answer, so thought I'd ask on here...

My S10 plus has come with the factory fitted screen protector, which apart from a poor fitting, is a good thing!  I have bought a tempered glass protector that fits using the liquid glue method, much like a Whitestome Dome, but how easy is it to get the factory fitted protector off?

Or, should the factory one stay on there too?

Thanks in advance. Shane


The factory fitted protector just peels off, and it should be removed before fitting another screen protector 

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Superuser I

Definitely do not leave the factory pre fitted one on before fitting another.


I peeled the one off my N10+ quite easily before fitting the Whitestone Dome.


Once you've got a nail under it the plastic protector will just lift away @Shaner555 



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Thanks for the quick reply!  I thought as much re removing before fitting another, but didn't want to mess too much as it was brand new.  

I've got a decent case, so I might leave the factory screen protector on for now, let it collect a few scratches, then remove it at a later date.

Thanks again.

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