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Facebok not loading properly

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Recently upgraded to s10 - last couple of weeks when trying to look at peoples facebook pages I can't view anything past the photographs, screen not loading properly and looks as though they have a locked profile when its not 


Is there anyway to delete the app and reinstall

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Superuser I

You cant uninstall the Facebook App from the phone via the normal way by long holding on the app or in Settings , Apps.


You can go into Settings , Apps, Facebook and disable it and then re enable it.


And also in that area tap on Facebook and then location and delete the cache and data which may help.


Or try a soft reboot by closing the app down in your multi tasking by pressing the 3 lines icon in your tool bar at the bottom and then turn your phone On and Off.


Just to add sometimes apps not loading properly can be due to network data signal. Try switching to wifi to see if things improve.


The only other way of possibly uninstalling the app is using software like a package disabler from the Playstore. Be very careful however what you disable using this.


I personally use Facebook Lite as it uses less resources from the phone.


It's available in the Playstore.



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