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Extreme background app killing

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I've seen posts about unused apps,  but this is different. Apps I am actively using that I just switch away from - e.g. press home or recent apps and select another app - often gets killed right away. This could be the game I'm playing or Chrome for example.


Started happening after Pie. 

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Superuser I

Hi @mykohsu 


What is your Ram usage like in Device Care ?


If the phone is struggling for available Ram then it would shut down apps to free up resources.


You can also select apps to exclude innthere too.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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Generally there is 3-4gb free. I recently upgraded to S20 and it's the same issue.


Also tried adding the app to the apps to exclude but it doesn't work. Games and Chrome especially get killed when switching apps. Yet there are so many other background apps that use more memory in aggregate that doesn't get killed.


Also, if I pin the app into memory then it doesn't get killed. But I can't close the app manually either.

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