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European Sim Card Only


Hello. Can I use my phone outside EU with a local operator ?

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Hi @ex1c


Noticed you posted this query on one of the S9 threads too, but I'll answer you here.


All Samsung smartphones come with a regional lock out of the box. This lock disappears after at least five minutes of total talktime using a SIM from the phone's region of origin (in this case EU). This should, in theory, allow you to use the phone in other regions - but network services can vary, so if you're after a specific network overseas it's best to check with their customer services.


Apps and services (e.g. Samsung Pay) can vary between countries too.


We've had a similar S10 thread here, if you want to check out what other users have advised too.


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My operator said that my phone is not only for use in EU and I can put a different sim also. Hope that it is soo.

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if i reset the phone to factory setting, should i do the 5 minutes call again?( to unlock the sim)



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