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Estimated hours needed to make S10e work like a phone


How much IT work should I plan to do as a Samsung Galaxy owner? If someone could just give me an estimate on hours per week that I should put aside to make my phone work as a phone and device for emailing and messaging, I'd super appreciate it



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ChrisM Moderator

Hi @shortylavender 


If you can share a little more info regarding the problems you're having with the phone, we may be able to help you out, or at least, point you in the right direction.


Texts are frequently delayed for hours! I've cleared all the caches, tried different messaging apps, gotten a new sim card. Not sure if outgoing texts are consistently being sent.


Email notifications often don't come through but sometimes they it's a guessing game as to whether I've missed an email notification.


Proximity sensor is wonky and the mute button activates from my ear touching it during calls.


Updates won't complete downloading...stall out. Same for new app dowloads or app updates from Play store. I've cleared the play cache and data----still doesn't work.


Notification bar opens with the slightest touch toward the top half of the screen this is new in the last 3 months.


Battery has become less robust since June update.


Most of these problems are update-related I think. I didn't have them before the June update.



I spoke with tech support numerous times. They told me to take my phone to a samsung repair shop but first they had me download samsung smartswitch onto my computer and I backed everything on my phone up to my computer. Then  I drove 1 hr to the repair place and I think all they did was wipe and reset my phone to default. I could have done that myself at home! When I got home, I connected my phone to my computer and tried to run smartswitch but it wouldn't work so I lost a lot of photos, and contacts. 


@ChrisM - Any suggestions? Thanks!

AndrewL Moderator
@shortylavendar: Sorry to hear that you're still having issues with your S10e. What happened when you connected the phone to your PC via Smart Switch to restore your data? Did you get any error messages?

Regarding the performance issues you're having, were they resolved by the Factory Data Reset?

Nothing was resolved by the factory reset.


I can't remember the error message I got from smart switch but I'll check it again later and post.

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