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Edge lighting


Thank you, it working now. Just installed going to test it out.


First one I installed that doesn't mess around with the AOD screen making it totally useless on the lockscreen. Very Good Job!!


Is it on the roadmap of having the lighting do reminders or stay on until you swipe away the notification?


It is, as it is a very requested feature.


I just want it to have the less battery drain possible, so it will take some time since I have to monitor different ways to do it. Keep in mind that Edge Lighting was never designed to be a reminder, meaning I have to wake the phone up every time I wanna display it.


The phone does have a remnder feature, though I've gone into the apps settings and set the reminder app to a different tone, it still continues to use the notification for Sim 1 which is very annoying.


Perhaps trying to tie into the reminder app, so when that activates it auto activate your app to flash.  Not really sure, since their notification settings are a bit convoluted and seem half done.


Like pretty much any Samsung feature, starting with Edge Lighting

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The same happened with me so you can turn it on, go to the settings in whats app and then in notifications go to pop and allow pop up when the screen is off, i wanted it to work without pop up but it never works without that.

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Same problem  here (S10+).


How is that possible? I mean, one single developer alone could create an app which works better than Samsung's one?


I wont install the app (security reasons), but I hope that with the very expensive price that we've paid in this phone you could at least update this Edge Lightning to work properly and become useful. 


Same. I refuse to install any 3rd party app too for security reasons. Yes the edge lighting was a neat feature. But Samsung doesnt care about fixing it. Yet they promote it all around.

Untill the OS is fixed I turned it off. 

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