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Edge lighting


I've found a solution download an app called glimpse and when you get message your screen will turn on. But turn lift to wake up off as won't work when your phone flat down.

I had a response from Samsung that the edge light does not work when the phone is in lock mode. So what's the point of the options to have always
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it's a bug..maybe they will send fix via update..  let's see


I've spoken to Samsung. I'm having the same issues, they said to me I've got to send feedback on the members app to push there is a fault and will be fixed with an update and talk of a possible camera led notification, If you open camera and switch to selfie and back again lool st camera and you'll see a grey like ring g around camera so hopeful that the new led


can you give some specific steps?

thank you

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Hello.. the edge led light notifications does not work.. everything is set on but there is no light notifications upon incoming messages.


Also experience some troubles with the bluetooth.. when conected to the car it plays 30s of a songs and then shuts down the samsung music app


Mine just gives me a notification and sound on lock screen and I've just gone into 

Settings. apps .. WhatsApp .. permissions  and turned telephone on and now the edge light on lock screen lights up when it rings through WhatsApp .


You just have to change something in the settings of the whatsapp app itself.


Whatsapp - 3 dots - settings - notifications - pop up on.


If the settings of edge lighting are set on, everything will work.


I just want the edge to light up as it should do but that give a pop up box and I've set the colour to purple but it pops up green

we do not want popup messages. just the notification.
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