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Edge lighting


Why does my edge lighting not work on lock screen when receiving a WhatsApp message 


Had this issue earlier. Go into settings in WhatsApp and make sure all notifications are on as well as lighting 


What do you mean when you say all? As there setting in there that shows preview of message which I don't want! I just want edge light when I receive a whatsapp


Is WhatsApp permitted in the Edge Lighting options?


This should be in Settings > Display > Edge Screen > Edge Lighting > Manage notifications. 


Yes I've applied this but still no luck. Do your edge light appear when on the lock screen, when you receive a WhatsApp?


I have the same issue. Ive yet to see the edge lighting for any app work. The lighting  itself works when i check it in settings but wont show when i recieve an email or WhatsApp message or any other notifications .


Ino I don't no if it's a phone fault or not! I'm sure mine was working at first, but now isn't! Only way I can get it to work is with an app.


I can confirm edge lighting for WhatsApp works on my device. I had to open WhatsApp and go settings and notifications and turn on allow all pop ups and chose my light colour. 


Yeah but when you get a message you get a big preview don't you with a big box and what the messages says? I just want my edge lighting to come on with little logo when phone locked like message do


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Hey guys, same issue.. I just want the light to turn on while the screen is locked.  When I turn on all notification in message and group, I get this big preview screen when i turn the phone back on.  I don't want that.  I hope there is a solution..

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