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Edge Screen Notifications


Ok, so I know we have this ongoing "no notification light" fiasco and a good deal of us are using 3rd party solutions such as holey light (which looks to be the best) to give us SOMETHING.......


But i still think that Samsung need to provide a better solution.


I did pick this up with Samsung and they told me that the only solution that they would be offering is to use the edge screen notifcations, which is a bit ***** seeing as we all thought that we would be getting the AOD/holey light type notification from them.


To that effect, the suggested edge lighting approach does not work for me at all.........for any apps..........none, not even the baked in Samsung apps and I just wanted to check and see if it is just me?


I currently have edge lighting set to always display, regardless of whether the screen is on or off.


I send a text to myself and I hear the phone ping but there are no lights. Nothing.


I send an email to myself and hear the phone ping but again, no lights. Nothing. I am using the gmail app mind you.


Has anyone had any luck with this or am i missing something?


My only option currently is the always on display.



Superuser II
Superuser II

It seems that it works only for a short moment and only for a few applications.

I have tried using Holey LIght and it was catching only notifications with a sound. Next, it wants so many rights and needs so many things like a free theme that I stopped using it.

Now I'm living without any light notification, I'm using only Energy bar to display battery status and I'll reevaluate if I should buy next phone without a LED.


Hey Libb,


Thanks for the response. Seems you do get something though as I get absoluitely nothing regardless of the application doing the notifying :/


I know there is an awful lot of discussion around this and so many are pinning hopes on Samsung fixing it but as I said, I was told that they are not and that the suggestion is the edge lighting.


I guess that includes the Good Lock add-on that allows the "eclipse" lighting around the camera cutout but with edge lighting in general not working for me, this doesnt either.


Poor show



Superuser II
Superuser II

The Good Lock addon doesn't work satisfactorily for me. It works only for few applications but it displays the light only for a while. I decided to safe battery and stopped using every applications like this.


Hi , my edge lighting only works for the stock Samsung messages app , no other app works it , I'd like it if when I got a text the edge lighting lit up then when that stops the halo around the camera lit up like a notification led would do , I've tried always on edge app but I'm forced to use their always on display but that looks cheap and I like the Samsung AOD tbh , if the edge lighting lit up every 30 seconds then that would probably suffice as an led 

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