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Easy mute and Do not disturb not working as expected

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I'm faierly new to Android after spending 10 years or so with iPhones, have been using my S10 for a month or so and all is good.  I have a could of issues though and wondered if anyone can help.  


1) I've set Do Not Disturb to come on each night betweek 10pm and 7am which it does, thing is though the phone still chimes in the night with notifications from some Apps such as Google Play.  I've checked settings and don't have any exceptions set so why are apps ignoring the Do not disturb?


2) I have Easy Mute turned on but when the phone rings and I place my hand over the screen to silence it nothing happens, if I turn the phone to lie flat it stops ringing but not by placing hand over screen.


Any advice please?

AntS Moderator

Hi @ljs007 , 


Are you still encountering these issues?


1. For Do Not Disturb: Unsure if you've done this already, but it's worth digging deeper into the various app's Notifications settings to see if any of them are cheekily set to ignore Do Not Disturb. 


Settings > Apps > [click into the relevant app] > Notifications > [click into a Notification category listed], and check if 'Ignore Do not disturb' is enabled/disabled. (For UK devices that option is usually at the bottom of the list in that menu if it's there for that category.)


2. For Easy Mute: Is that happening if your hand is touching the screen when you're doing it too?


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