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Earbuds claim error

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I purchased a plan with a Galaxy S10+ in very large part because I wanted the earbuds. This was one of the deciding factors for the purchase.

I made the claim, but I didn't realize it became invalid because I didn't supply a picture of the IMEI from the phone,( I used the one from the box). I got a warning that went straight to spam and I didn't answer in time. ( I tried calling your hotline, and even sent an email with info requested, but it was ONE day late, and you never answered back). 

I am trying to resubmit the claim, but now it shows that the IMEI has already been used.
How am I supposed to resubmit my claim?
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Hey @vortegon! The best point of contact for this query is the Samsung Promotions team. You can contact them by phone to 0343 208 4777 or by sending an email to 

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Both the emal, (even adding a .com and a and the phone number are not working.

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Superuser I

Look for the T&C's of the promotion @vortegon  as there will be contact information in there.


Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news but if criteria for claiming isn't followed then if a person then goes over the promotional period dates for claiming then it's unlikely they'll recieve the gift.


Appreciate the return email hit your Spam Email folder but that's not Samsungs fault but how your email filters are set up.


All that said it's worth a shot to ask.


I missed out on a Samsung Vr by one day once and asked the question and was declined.  :(


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Hey @vortegon ,


that is odd as they are the Promotion Team contact details. You mentioned that you are adding au to the end of this email. Are you based in Australia? Have you tried to send them an email using the email address that we have provided without adding anything else to it?