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Earbud stocks


I read that the stocks are running out for the free earbud promotions (understandably) how are Samsung organising it? I ordered mine two weeks a go, I am guaranteed a set as there was stock when I pre-ordered at the time or is first come first served once everyone gets their new IMEI's and claims? 



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ciao sono nuovo e tu sei l'unica che ha parlato degli auricolari. per cortesia mi sai dire come hai fatto ad inserire la prova di prenotazione per ottenere i famosi auricolari? Grazie


li ottieni quando ordini il telefono sul contratto o lo acquisti a titolo definitivo

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I would think it would depend on when a person applies for them via the Samsung Members App which is between the 8/3/19 and 8/4/19  Uk/ROI


A person should check their own countries terms and conditions.


Once a person makes a successful application then theyd be allocated. 


From what I've read and seen on YouTube regarding reviews these earbuds are quality so I would think the demand will be high and outstrip supply possibly in the beginning of the promotional period.



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My claim was validated and my email stated they were sent for fulfillment.  I'm annoyed they didnt come with the phone to be honest.  Apart from that im reading all over the internet that samsung will not be able to fulfill the commitment of orders for the free earbuds.


If I dont get mine I will just speak to Vodafone who will sort them for me.


Vodafone are pretty ***** good.


I hope it dont come to that.

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