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Ear Buds Claim Rejected !

I don't think you will as pre order was as soon as it was ready to order which was on the 21st fed I think. So 7th of March when they were in stock.

Pre-ordered at end of Feb through Employee portal (after my first order failed...thanks Samsung!). Showed delivery 14th then revised to 21st, so hoping maybe in between.

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when you're claim gets rejected, will you recieve an email or something?

I've had no email and mine has been validated
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I haven't received an email yet, only an confirmation that my claim has been received.
do i have to whait now?

You can track your claim . Mine said validated but still no email 


So what actually happens if ur claim is rejected can u claim again 

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Hi all.


Just some info on what the Galaxy Buds  Promo team are looking for in terms of proof:


  • Pre order date
  • Retailer/Network it was purchased from
  • Product (name/model number) that was pre ordered


It can then take up to  7 days for the Promo team  to review the claim and inform you of the outcome.


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Claimed mine and although I did not receive a confirmation email until days later, I received a message saying it had been validated and I will receive my buds within 30 days and will receive an email with more information but have not received the email yet  


@Lealeaj25 wrote:

So what actually happens if ur claim is rejected can u claim again 

They will send an Email letting you know what you must upload, you have seven days from that email to upload documents that are requierd or your claim dies.


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