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Ear Buds Claim Rejected !


Managed to get my claim done last night, and luckily took a screenshot of the claim ID number. Did not receive the confirmation email until a couple of hours ago, but was tracking the claim through their link and it says my claim has been rejected as it did not meet the T&Cs. It also says I will get an email explaining why, but not had this yet. 


Has anyone else been rejected ? I ordered the phone direct from Samsung on the 22nd Feb, uploaded a screenshot of the order etc, and of course the order number etc proves it was from them. What possible reason could they have to reject it ? 


I gave up waiting on hold after an hour and webchat isn't working. 


I can't even get the link to claim mine. 


It gets even more weird. Just got in from work and decided to check the tracker as I have still not had an email about my rejection and the status has now been changed to Claim Received. 


Think I'm not going to stress over this until i get the next email or text. 


What's the link to track progress? 




Don't worry, I checked my claim yesterday saying proccesed and that I will get email or product via mail, and now it says claim not found 

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I've also just gotten rejected claiming I didn't preorder within the dates but I preorder on 2/27 and my screenshot clearly shows the order date and pick up date. This is frustrating and starting to feel like a RIP off

Just chucked mine and it said validated and will receive them in 30 days.

Mine shows processed again  but no email yet 

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