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Ear Buds Claim Rejected !

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I claimed mine roughly on the 5th of April. Still haven't arrived but the website says they will arrive in 30 days. Not sure they're going to come. Anybody else had this issue?


Mine took more than 30 days to arrive. I had to contact support who did sent it 1 week after contact. Have you tried to contact support?

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Yes, they just said it will arrive in 30 days. They still have some time so I'm not too worried yet.


I have been waiting since the 23rd of March. Any time I contact support they say its in the final stages, no new information :/

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Yeah it's a con if it's a Samsung Galaxy s10 128 u carnt have them your paying more money so u would think they would give them to the people spending more never buying Samsung PRODUCTS again

Rejected and my arms are too short to box with samsungs goliaths.

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I have also been subjected to the ways of samsung, 

Having completed all the nessasary scanning & uploading, 

Claim approved, the  sile

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Sorry, bloody phone!!!
Claim approved, then silently denied,
Never recieved the email,
Got absolutely no help from so called support,
And feeling utterly ripped off,
They also have the same promotion on right now!!!
And i still can't claim my FREE reward?

@RonnieAdore wrote:

I've also just gotten rejected claiming I didn't preorder within the dates but I preorder on 2/27 and my screenshot clearly shows the order date and pick up date. This is frustrating and starting to feel like a RIP off

I got rejected 3 times 3 devices and the scamming nature of the promo deparments nature is more machine than a human interaction.

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My claim validated and I wanted to check the status and I found out that it never went through despite having gotten a text message no email or nothing

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