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Dx never delivered my samsung watch

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Waiting for a samsung watch to be delivered, dx delivery says was delivered and sign for, never happened. Scam company and thieves drivers. Shame for samsung because they choose to work with companys like this.

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Same issue here! I recieved an email from DX stating my item would be delivered today by 10am. However i had to work so assumed i would recieve a calling card stating where to collect my item. To my suprise i recieve a notification saying successfully delivered at 9.29am so i assumed a neighbour signed for it. 


Arrived home excited and there was no calling card to say where the item was left. I checked with my immediate neighbours who are excellent at collecting my parcels who stated nothing had arrived and no one had visited or left anything with them.


i ring them up to ask about my delivery and i am told all they can tell me is that it is marked successful and they cannot provide proof and that i have to contact their client MDA?? who requested delivery. i am told thats the company samsung uses for its promotion! 


How Ridiculous! They were not helpful at all and i plan on contacting samsung claims tomorrow to see what can be done.


Not sure if anyone had any success getting  their watch in the end?? Extremely disappointed

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Not good at all.


Have you guys raised an official complaint with the courier company that are saying they have delivered the watch ?

I've a feeling Samsung wouldn't despatch another until the courier company advises them they are in error.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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I rang Samsung claims line who confirmed they have been recieving complaints especially in the last two weeks about the delivery company DX. I was told i will recieve a call in next 2 hours from Senior mangement at Samsung who my complaint has been passed onto. 


Will wait and see...

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I've been trying to see how long it is taking for the deliveries to be made (hoping 45 days is a worse case scenario and they will be issued much sooner than that). Can I ask when your claim was validated? 

When searching I came across a similar post re: DX having confirmed deleivery when they hadn't the person contacted DX who had already re-arranged deleivery for the following day. If you try DX again perhaps the status has changed from delivered again? Hope you get sorted. 

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I received my galaxy active watch after 3 and a half week of the order being validated, my order was validated the same day I submitted it, it was also delivered by DX I had a text and email from them to tell me my order was on it's way. I hope this helps!

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