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'Do not Disturb' setting not switching off s10 plus

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I've just spent this morning resetting my phone after the 'do not disturb' button in notifications would not switch off. I tried restarting the phone and it would start in colour then go to black and white with 'system ui do not disturb' appearing in the notification!!

I tried everything to stop it happening then eventually had to do a full phone reset!


Anyone else experience this?


I'm now scared to use this option on my phone

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Iam experiencing the same problem. Even after turning it off it still continues to be in black & white. What's is d solution for this issue? 

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Digital wellbeing feature 

Search this in app finder and turn it off from there. 


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Yes. I even set it as scheduled, and have to manually turn it off every morning. At this point, I've just allowed all to avoid missed communication if I forget to shut it off. 

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