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Do not Disturb App Exceptions

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Hi, I now have an S10+. On my old phone (not a samsung) I used to be able to turn on DND and select applications that were able to ignore the state of the DND. I cannot seem to work out how to do this anymore. Is this feature not enabled in the current version. I specifically need it for Nagios so it can inform me of sever status.



SaudA Moderator
Hi @RobW2

Try this: Settings > Notifications > Do not disturb > Turn on > Allow exceptions > Select the app you wish to have as exception.

I hope this helps!
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I too have a need to allow notifications from specific apps to by-pass the DND settings. 


In the Settings -> Notifications -> DND -> Allow Exceptions screen there is no option add apps. The only option is for "reminders" from apps, but that is not the same as being notified by Pager Duty when an alert comes through. 


In the Exceptions screen  Calls, Messages, Repeat Callers, Event/Task alerts (calendar), and Reminders are the only options available. 


phone info:

Samsung Galaxy S10

One UI Version 1.1

Android Version 9