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Dex station on S10

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I'm wondering if the Samsung s10 has pre installed DeX in it?

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Yes, I purchased a Dex Station and it works fine. 

AndrewL Moderator
@ImDifferent: It does indeed. To quote the Samsung website, "Connect the Galaxy S10 to any monitor with the DeX adapter, and it has the power to perform like a desktop PC. Using DeX, you can access your desktop anywhere with enterprise-ready VDI solutions. With access to Microsoft Office Mobile, you can view spreadsheets, presentations and documents anytime, anyplace."
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Yes and you dont even need the DeX station for the s10. I bought the official DeX USB c to hdmi on Amazon for £20 and it powers up faster than my PC, laptop or ps4 slim! 


The DeX station does give you the extra connections like USB and ethernet but there are some good 3rd party ones for less than half the cost. 


My s10 doesn't seem to get warm either whilst in DeX mode so I'm not sure if the fan is that needed in the docking station. 



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