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I hope someone can help me as this is getting very frustrating!

I have done the jump from iPhone to Samsung and there are things just not transferring.


I have used smart switch and each time it says 283 videos have been transferred but these haven't appeared anywhere, I repeat the process and it says the same. Is there any way I can get these videos over?


My whatsapp chats haven't transferred properly, some historic ones have but not recent. I've never had anything else except iPhone so I can't understand why it has done some but not all. 


Please help!

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Superuser I

@LangtonH  Know this was posted a little while ago  but has not been picked up.     I think there may be compatibility issues with the videos, videos recorded with ios devices are .mov files and you will need a different player than the default Samsung app.   Possible issue for some files with wifi transfer and for Itunes the process is not so straightforward (may need additional software)    Some information here

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