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DPD Notification


So the time is nearly upon us! 


24 hours until people should start receiving those lovely DPD email and texts to let us know the phones are on the way..


As abit of fun I set this topic up so people can share the time they get their notification that there device is shipping to them, just abit of fun :-)


So when you get your delivery heads up, let us all know here!

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My s10 + is coming tomorrow from EE I was quite shocked as thought it was the 8th
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I got this...:(


Hi from EE. We're really sorry, but a manufacturer delay means your Samsung S10 Plus won't arrive on 8th March as expected. We're working with Samsung to get it to you as soon as possible and we'll update you when we know more. From tomorrow, you can track the order using the online tracker at, and as an apology we're adding a £20 credit to your EE account. You can use it as soon as your Samsung S10 has been dispatched. Thanks.

That's amazing mate! No email from Samsung or DPD my end yet.
Bummer Pete. Keep us posted when you get the new email 👍🏼

Your Samsung parcel will arrive by 11am on the 8th March




That's amazing! Great news. Still awaiting that message 😬
Hopefully you'll get notification soon👍

expecting notifications tomorrow tho, i daubt they will send sms-es in 22:52  

Cant wait for it !

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