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DPD Notification

When did you order your phone? I ordered direct from Samsung on the 24th February.


Ordered on 21/02/2019 also direct from Samsung web site 👍 It’s still sitting in local depot ☹️ 


I haven't received anything at all from either  Samsung or DPD. My order still just says order placed for shipping on the 7th March!


Hmmm strange thought it would all be processed around same time. Not went to junk /spam folder?


Hmmm strange thought it would all be processed around same time. Not went to junk /spam folder? Also received confirmation from Samsung with confirmation that order shipped.

Order shipped yesterday from Hinckley arrived Inverness at 9am today.

No checked and status still hasn't changed on the Samsung website for my order. Still saying "order placed". I hope it is coming as I've booked the day off work to wait for it so won't be happy if it doesn't arrive!

I would'nt worry seen some people got the DPD confirmations through night others this morning. Download the DPD app and register your address that notified me that samsung have created a postage label and a package would arrive on the 8th from samsung. An hour after that i got the official email from samsung to say its on its way


Ordered : 22/02

Galaxy S10 128gb in black


On a side note the americans have been getting earbuds delivered with the phones after originally bieng tomd they had to claim them through the samsung app? Anyone know if this is happening in the UK? Maybe with the EE phones that are bieng delivered today? 


Nice question, i spoke with samsung, they confirmed, that we have to claim them. Got a a specific email with instructions after. The buds shipping specify the location you're on. In this case the US benefits


Step 1 | Purchase a Galaxy S10 or S10+

Pre-order the Galaxy S10 or S10+ between 20th February 2019 and 7th March 2019 from a participating retailer.

Step 2 | Claim your Galaxy Buds in the Samsung Members app

Open the Samsung Members app on your new device. If you don’t have one, create a Samsung account. Complete the claim form in the benefits section, providing purchase details, IMEI, a digital copy of the proof of pre-order receipt and your personal details. This step must be completed between 8th March and 8th April 2019.

Business: If you are claiming your Galaxy Buds for Business for 15 or more devices, please make one claim via the Samsung Members app. Then contact our call centre to redeem the remaining Galaxy Buds. Please note, proof of purchase and IMEI number will be required for each device and your Samsung Members’ claim number.

Contact details:
UK. 0345 216 0144
IE. 01 653 3907

Step 3 | Look out for your emails

You will receive an email within 7 days to confirm your claim has been validated, as well as to tell you when your gift is being dispatched.

Step 4 | Receive your Galaxy Buds

Once validated you will receive your Galaxy Buds within 30 days via postal service.


Just got an email from Samsung saying that my phone will be delivered tomorrow.


Just received mine!

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