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Coolest features about the S10?

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I recently got an S10+ and have loved discovering all its cool and handy features. 


Like double tapping the button on the right auto-opens the camera. So good! 


Keen to know if anyone has any other S10 tips or tricks I can try? 


Hi,have you heard rumours about the S20?It seems like the S20 which have much more better camera than the S10 and also bigger battery.

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Check out this page for tips and tricks with your S10! 


In relation to the future products, we'd recommend checking out the next Galaxy Unpacked event here. Tune in on the 11th February 2020!


 Welcome to the Community! :smileyhappy:


If you believed all of the hype about the S10 before launch, it was meant to have a professional quality camera that was far superior to everything before it.

If you search through many posts here and on other forums you will find that many people find the post shot processing of pictures taken with the S10 lead to washed out, wax like pictures. For this reason and with my experience of the S10e i will not believe any publicity put out for S20 and will be moving to an alternative manufacturer when i get rid of my S10e.

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Seems like the only thing Sam and App want to do is more cameras.  I doubt the s20 will be anything special.  Unless it has Bixby removed and doesnt have that Neon stuff..  I wont "upgrade".


Hi,if you search for S20,you will see that it has better display,camera and etc.

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Yeah..  I skip every other..  plus 20 isnt going to have anything I care about.

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European Community Manager
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If the "hack" thing was for me...

Thank you.


Nothing in there helps me though.

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