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Connecting with car

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I am unable to pair my new S10+ with my car. 


@HaleyG78 wrote:

I am unable to pair my new S10+ with my car. 

Lots of people reporting same, make model of your 🚘 

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Opel Insignia 2010, no problem with bluetooth.  Works like a charm.

Mercedes cls 350d, no problem either bluetooth or cable.
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S10+ unable to pair with my car either, even tried the force pair app others were mentioning

2011 Lancer Evolution MR

2019 mini will not pair with my s10

My S10+ will not connect with my 2010 Skoda Superb



My s10e struggled to connect with my 911.

The thing is that in most VW group cars at least, the phone wont connect to the car if the car is the one who is "initiating the bond".

Try to connect to the car from phone to car. Because turning on the BT on my Samsung s10 and then asking my car to find it doesnt work (yeah I turned the discoverability ON). The other way works for me.


Any news OP

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were you ever able to fix your issue with your phone and radio? I have a samsung s10 and a pioneer radio and I've been fighting the same issue you have, were you able to solve if so please share the love and help a brother out man, I'm at my wits end about to break both of my devices!!

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