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Claiming earbuds - Not available in your country (Switzerland)



so i no longer get the 'no valid postcode' error but instead, i get a 'not avaliable in your country' error. i know for sure that it is avaliable so wtf is this....

Is anyone else getting the same error?



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When you use the samsung members app, are you seeing the offer under benefits? Im in Switzerland and still not seeing it, just says no benefits. Im also on Lycamobile and still cant connect to lycamobile data network although it was fine on my iphone


i can see 3 offers under benefits, events. The 3 are in German, Italian and French. 

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Ah ok yeah thats what i see as well, but also having trouble. Did you have any trouble also connecting to the mobile network?



I get 3 types of errors when i submit my form.

1. Postcode is incorrect

2. not available in your country

3. error, please try again

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Well for the ear buds, try again today. I just did it and had no problems, I think the past couple days their system was overloaded. Haven't received the confirmation email yet, but it is Sunday 


still the same error >:(

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I had the invalid post code, i managed to fix this by setting my addess in the samsung account as it seems to check this address and not the one you put on the form

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