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Cannot register credit card to redeem the ikonik skin.

Hey ya'll


So basically I get my s10 today. I tried to register a credit card (my parents credit cards) but I cannot register credit cards, at all


It's literally the only thing that is stopping me from the getting the ikonik skin.


I also tried the same thing on my brothers s10+, but that also gave me the same error


I tried multiple credit cards, but I kept on getting the same error


Any help would really be appreciated 

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Failing_at_life 


Did you manage to get this resolved or are you still having the same issue?

First Poster
Please help me can i use a giftcard Paypal to unlock the skin?
DannyT Moderator
Not sure about this one, @Feras7. You usually need a credit/debit card to claim the skin.

However, it would be worth asking Epic Games for a bit more info on this one, as it may be possible.


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