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Can't move or copy pictures from gallery from folder A to folder B

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I've recently setup my new S10 with my pictures on a SD card from my S8. After a couple of weeks I want to categorize my new pictures into the old folders on my SD-card. But it after selecting even one picture and pressing "move to album" and selecting the album, the selected album line blinks ones but nothing happens.

Could somebody please help me with this problem? 

Thank you in advance


Kind regards K_Thiel


Hi @K_Thiel and you are welcome to the Community.


Try to regenerate thumbnail in the system and try again


You will need to delete the thumbnails and restart gallery to regenerate minipics of photos with new entries.


You need to go Settings / Applications / Gallery / Store / And delete cache.

Go to gallery again and refresh, you must scrolling Pics list and try to move pics again.

Be sure you have the most recent Gallery App instaled in your device.


Let me know if works 


Thanks @RpBP2 


Hello @K_Thiel 


Alternatively, you can download a file manager app like "Files by Google" from Google Play Store to manage your files/photos.






Thanks @lunaticore I use a file manager or PC for this task too, I use Total Commnader as file manager, try it, it has extra pluggins I use for ftp too and others tasks, when you learn to use it, you will not have anothe. Also for PC 


But I think the problem could be other and it will be easier for this person if * continue with the know system and method, clearly, with vision and knows albums.


But there, this person have your recommendation to try too  and to use while we can found the origin of the real problem 


I let you, too late for me today, bye and see you here or there  in our Forum 

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