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Can't download THEMES on S10 or S10+

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I just got the Galaxy S10 & S10+ and couldn't download my past owned themes... Sooooo if any one else is having a problem downloading or redownloading THEMES;



(Open) Accessiblity 

(Open) Visibility Enhancements 

(TURN OFFFFFFFFF) Show Button Shapes  

N it should work perfectly now....

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Same.. Bottom thing was already off. 

Nothing changed now what. 


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I have the same problem and Samsung are not helping me to solve it. 

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Make sure your phone is updated, restart it, and try again. This worked for me. 

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Thanks for the info it worked for me 👍.


I'm having problems  with s10 plus with my paid  themes, wallpapers and icon packs. I keep having to download them all again everday.   Same is happening on s9 plus.  I don't know what's causing  it. Do you or anyone  else have these problems?  Any idea on how to fix this?  I' keep having to go into galaxy  themes app and clearing  cache.  It works for an hour then problem starts over again. 

To get all your past and newer themes you have to sign into your Samsung account to retrieve them. Once your signed in you will see all your themes and just download them all.
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