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Can no longer use biometrics to unlock lock screen since recent security updates

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Hi, since recent security updates I seem no longer to be able to unlock my S10E (SM-G970F) using my finger print or face recognition. As I understand, these updates were related to exactly that: biometric data security patch (but intended for S10 problems).

When pressing the 'on' button at the right side, which is also the finger print scanner, I always have to enter my PIN code now. This screen also shows the message (Dutch) "voer uw pincode in, zoals vereist door het beveiligingsbeleid, in plaats van uw biometrische gegevens te gebruiken", loosely translates to: "enter your PIN code, as required by the security policy, instead of using your biometric data".

I already removed and re-entered my biometric data: still the same.

Anyone else having this problem? Am I missing some setting?

I would like to be able to unlock just using my fingerprint again.



You could wipe the cache partition, might help with problems after an update.

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Thanks, wiped the cache (good idea anyway), will await result coming time.
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Additional: I noticed that very occasionally my fingerprint IS recognized and can unlock with touch of the power button.
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