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Camera filters

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Can anyone help me please as I've not long had my s10e. But how do you find selfie filters on the camera section as like you can use on snapchat.

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@Phil891: When the Selfie camera is active, tap the wand symbol in the top right corner to add a preferred filter/effect.

Did you manage to find this feature?. I somehow stumbled across it this morning, I thought I had hit my snapchat button accidentally but my snapchat wasnt even logged in. It looked so good as well. Gutted. 

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You have to be in instagram portrait from you camera then

Take a pic and u will see those options come up. The first icon will be face features. 

I had the same problem. ..

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You have to take a pic in the instagram mode first a window will pop up click on the smiley face emoji and scroll to the end. The 16bit effect will open to her to the other face filters. Please tell me if this works for you

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In the camera, hit the AR Emoji tab at the top. Once you have that open there's a place down below the camera that says AR Emoji and Stickers. The filters are under the sticker option. They've got some cartoon faces in the first set, and then the second set holds the old filters. 



Thankfully I did. Thanks to this site and the help of a teenager lol. 

If you go into instagram on the top left there is a camera icon. Select that and you will see them below. I was very impressed. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for replying. I got there in the end. Very helpful.
Thanks for your help. Got there in the end.
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I don't know what's up but I dont see it. 


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