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Camera Pro mode, 60fps & telePhoto in 3rd party apps. SDK/NDK was promissed to be released at last Galaxy unpacked event 2/2018


11 months ago at Samsung unpacked event, Samsung announced that they will open its Camera SDK to enable developers to bring Samsung camera powers to third-party apps..(* evidence here: Link 1  and   here: Link 2).


Can we have Samsung Product management team to answer these 2 questions?


  • Question 1) Where is the SDK that was promised to be opened to 3rd party developers?
  • Question 2) Link to Quote:"As of Dec. 1, 2019, the Camera SDK (v1.0.0 - v1.3.2) is deprecated on all devices. We regret any inconvenience." So it looks like Samsung did exact opposite - instead of Opening the Camera  SDK/NDK, the already existing SDK available since 2015 is now no longer supported.  That means even less functionality to 3rd party apps/devs. ". I would like to understand what is Samsung strategy here.... Is Samsung now targeting only non PRO users market?


Background info:

With Introduction of OneUI 1.0 Samsung Camera made huge leap backwards, it is 3 times slower to operate and lacks many Pro Features like Pro mode Video, etc. There are dozens of Topics open here on Samsung forums from hundreds angry Pro users with no answer. Basically Samsung failed to bring Pro Mode video to Galaxy S10 in time last year so for obvious reasons they had to remove this from their past Samsung flagship devices from series 8 & 9. Support for 3rd party apps is limited, so no 60fps @ 4K etc. Samsung told us 1 year ago it will open its Camera SDK....


What is your opinion on this?



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