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Caller id and spam protection


I turn it on then check it later in the day and it's off again! Doing my head kn

I'm looking for caller id and spam protection it identifies incoming calls , I have caller id that's not the problem but thanks
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I have the same problem, i can't activate the caller id and spam protection on my s10

the menu is disabled, it has a different color, when you press it nothing happens....


Any solution?

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Exactly the same issue on Galaxy S10 here - Caller ID and Spam protection is Off and Greyed out. And yet Samsung support is useless as expected.

Hi, Mate!

I'm sorry to know that your network provider was not able to assist you on enabling the security feature of their network. Please do know that it will depends on the network provider you're using on your phone.

It is a security if a network provider where you would need to register the number for ''Spam protection or caller ID feature''.
Please report it back to your network provider since only the network provider can activate the network security, not Samsung.

Thank you!
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In My case, the spam protecction doesn’t Work because My s10 is from the united states but i live in México and i have a mexican sim... when I put a sim from the united states inside My phone the spam protection Works... Now I need to know how can I change the firmware to the mexican version

That's to hide your number, not stop spam calls etc 


In google dialer its easy switch on cmon samsung !! why so hard????????


Crazy needs updated shouldn't matter network , doesn't with Google. Why can't we flick it on report spam. Maybe one UI 2 fix it,.....

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