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Call Volume to loud when picking up a phone call

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Before getting a Samsung S10, I had a Google Pixel, and on that device when pressing the volume buttons, I was able to set the default Volume of the phone calls (call volume slider). So I always used the lowest setting possible by default and when I got a phone call, I adapted the volume in-call to the given situation.


But now, on the S10, there is no "call volume" slider. So when someone calls me and I put the phone to my ear, it is so loud, that I had ear pain for a few hours just from the first "HELLOOO" of the caller, until I was able to put the volume down. And even if I put down the volume when I'm in a call, it goes back to the "samsung" default volume for every new call.


Is there a way to put the call volume to minimum by default for every call?



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