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Calendar alert times


I've searched, but cant find anything like this surely I cant be the only person?


I've only just noticed that if I set an alert for a calendar event, that I cant set the alert for a specific time. I can set it for "x" minutes/hours/ days before,  but not a specific time, which is highly frustrating.

I'm sure I used to be able to, so is this a ui2 issue?


The only way I seem to be able to acomplish this is to input my meeting in the calendar and then swap to the reminder, and input the same thing again, which means I'm inputting the same thing twice.

Seems very odd the the reminder let's you add a time, but the calendar doesn't. 

AntS Moderator

To reassure you, @Bertie_bunghol , you're not the only one: the same thing on my S10's calendar app too.


My educated guess is that the developers were aiming for a simplification of the calendar app UI, thought that 'specific time' and '"x" time before' covered much the same function, but with the latter ensuring the alert happened before or at the event at all times - hence them deciding to go with that. 

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To be fair, I imagine its actually because that's what google calendar changed to. This is the one major beef I have with Samsung, the constant removal of functionality.
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