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Bug in Clock with Alarm

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My alarm plays the wrong tone in the morning. I think that this is because my phone auto restarts at 3am. I can replicate this bug by setting and alarm for a couple of minutes in the future, then restarting the phone. The alarm then plays the ringtone, and not the selected alarm sound. This is very annoying because I need a loud ringtone, but hate being woken up by such a loud sound. Also, it only appears to happen if the phone is asleep when the alarm goes off.

SaudA Moderator
Hi @Square8, just tested this on one of the phone's here. It does seem to reset the Alarm tone. As a work around, you can turn the 'Auto restart' function off in Settings -> General management -> Reset -> Auto restart -> Off.

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Thank you for the confirmation. I am being prompted to accept this as a solution, which I am unable to do because it is not a fix. Best Regards.

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