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Bluetooth headphones' volume is low

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I'm having an issue with my new Bluetooth headphones Xiaomi AirDots Pro where after connecting them to my device (Samsung S10e) I always need to go to the Settings → Connections → Bluetooth → Advanced → uncheck and check "Media volume sync" for the headphones' volume to be normal/not too low. Is there any fix to this issue?

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I have the same issue. A8 wireless headphones are half the volume at full capacity when bluetoothed up.


I have tried the previous resolution of Developer Options > Absolute Volume and then tried to find the setting in my bluetooth options to mo avail.


It has only recently started happening and possibly due to upgrading to Android 10.


Any help would be appreciated as its very frustrating.


Thanks in advance!

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Nice topic, none has a valid idea. I have that issue with all sorts of headphones. But is the phone itself that has some limitations since it respects some volume limitation policies lately introduced. I somehow use a custom player that can uptune the volume and sounds like my old S6 but... at least t works =)

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