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Bluetooth S10+ won't pair with anything ( not just car)

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Worked like a charm on wife's BMW! Thank you! 

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Having exactly same issue on my S10. Can pair with number of bluetooth devices on my s7, cannot pair with anything on the S10.

Checked all the obvious things e.g bluetooth turned on, got latest software update etc.


Clearly issue with phone, judging by post not isolated to just me!


had same problem with audi q7.  Finally got it to work.  I had the phone on, opened settings, made sure blue tooth and phone visibility was on - started the car - then went through procedure to pair - worked perfectly.  I think it was the order of having phone on and ready before starting the car that worked.  I was out in the open, not in the garage or next to a building (if that mattered).  Good luck.

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I created an account just to thank Julien_C. Now my S10 can *finally* connect to my BMW X1!

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So, I finally got my S10+ to pair with my Audi. I had to use a combo of workaournds from the web and other posters. Here's what I did, and now I can make and receive calls in the car:

- Put S10+ in airplane mode

- Go to phone/bluetooth settings in your car and delete all other paired devices

- Take phone out of airplane mode. Turn on bluetooth and phone visibility

- Search for a new device from the car's menu

- Verify pins match and hit ok on the phone and car

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I have the S10 and really struggle to connect to my car media system.  previous phones were no problem at all


very very annoying


Use the force pin pair app that Julien_c posted about previously. Fixes it straight away and you can just uninstall it after.


Didn't work for me :-(


Which car make of car do you have? 


BMW 3 series, F30 LCI 2015 model. 

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