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Blockchain Wallet not secure.

I purchased this s 10+ phone hearing that the wallet is a cold wallet and as secure as ledger. I simply don't understand how someone can just move my funds from the wallet. All I recall is that there was a security patch update installed and after that I installed a free theme from Samsung app store. Any one of those two caused some hacker to access this wallet and send the BAT tokens to their address. This wallet never asked for password or biometrics when opening the app. Luckily I didn't have enough ether there. I have uninstalled the app till I get some answer and if not I will simply return the phone.

Samsung introduced blockchain crypto currency wallet that made me buy S10+ but am disappointed cause Samsung didn't educate it's customer support on the product. My crypto currency from the Samsung blockchain Wallet stolen by some hacker and I reported to customer support. The response I got was disappointing as I was told to contact the seller of the crypto currency tokens, made me laugh. Poor post sale customer service. Will not fall for new gimmicks by Samsung agAin for sure.

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