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Battery of Snapdragon v Exynos


This situation is well known since last year's S9, but Samsung refuses to admit it and to fix it! The QC models have much much better battery life compared to the Exynos ones. and this year, even the camera on the QC S10s has better quality.


On the regular S10 I can barely get 4hs SOT. Same as you, with AOD disabled, display at FHD+, most backgroud apps restricted, no gaming and no video streaming. I like the phone, but the battery life and indoor camera quality are the two resons I would not recommend the Exynos model to anyone. Better with the QC one and without warranty in Europe.


From that picture you have disabled backgroud activity from Google Play Services. What's the use if we have to disable all background functionality to get decent battery life? Also I do not see there the One UI at all. Can you provide more details what settings do you have for backgroud apps?

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